DPL Soft Skills Program

Soft skills are a key element to get, keep and succeed in your professional career. Today, business people interact in synergies and interdisciplinary teams with their foreign peers. They lead virtual teams, delegate, motivate employees, and solve conflicts in English and Portuguese.


At DPL we offer you a program to develop the soft skills you need to interact in this new workplace dynamic, delivered by specialized trainers and certified coaches.

With a coaching approach and NLP tools, our workshops will help you grow and develop these skills in the foreign language.

  1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: create rapport, develop active listening, learn to ask effective questions, give constructive feedback, and build confidence, practice assertiveness and empathy.
  2. LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION: use language to persuade and motivate, to make performance appraisals, react effectively to different leadership styles and lead teams.
  3. TEAMBUILDING: learn to identify different roles within a team and develop communication styles for a range of situations (Belbin). Roles and functions in a team, how to deal with diversions by a team member. Decision making process in a team, using language to lead. Virtual teams: features, communication strategies. Cultural aspects.
  4. BUSINESS STORYTELLING: Develop the art of use stories as a business tool. Engage your audience and attain your strategic goals with stories and anecdotes. You will learn to use stories for different goals: increase sales, motivate and persuade, lead changes.
  5. CONFLICT RESOLUTION: this workshop deals with different conflicts (TKI) and the IBR approach. Interactive activities are based on the process: scenario, data gathering, problem identification, brainstorming, negotiating a solution.
  6. COMMUNICATION AND CREATIVITY: in this highly interactive and fun workshop, we analyze the communicative tools useful to generate ideas and communicate innovation. Metaphorical thinking. Brainstorming and Reverse brainstorming, we work with improvisation techniques, and fostering reaction capacity.

Delivered by certified trainers in English and Portuguese.

Apply for the course syllabus of your choice.

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