Business Skills Workshops

To communicate effectively in business, we need to know the appropriate communication techniques for each business dynamic.


The goal of DPL business skills workshops is to provide you with the best communicative tools to do business successfully. We tailor the content to your language level.

  • EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS. In this interactive workshop you will learn how to engage your audience, convey a clear message and answer their questions with confidence. You will also learn to use your voice and non verbal communication to your benefit.
  • MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES. You will learn to participate in meetings with confidence. The workshop is not only focused on language structures but on interactions and behavioral aspects of communication in meetings. Through games and simulations we build on your communicative strengths.
  • JOB INTERVIEWS. The skill of making and answering questions is key in many workplace situations. This interactive course develops language and interpersonal skills to help you succeed in interviews.
  • NEGOTIATING SUCCESSFULLY. in the global business context it is important to negotiate with confidence and fluency. In this workshop we work with communicative techniques that develop verbal and non verbal communication and lead to successful negotiations.
  • EVENT COACHING. This training modality is useful when you have to take part in an event and need special training to perform in the foreign language with confidence.
  • SOCIALIZING & NETWORKING. Building professional networks and interact with colleagues socially may be difficult for many of us. In this workshop, you will acquire communication tools to begin and keep conversations, build rapport and empathy, show interest, be a host and build long lasting relationships.
  • WRITING SKILLS. Business people write emails and technical reports and use more informal internal communication systems. This workshop is ideal for those of you who need to learn how to structure your ideas and write them both formally and informally and create

Delivered by certified trainers in English and Portuguese.

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