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We here at the TDSIG are slowly recovering from a wild and wonderful week in Harrogate at the annual IATEFL conference. So many great sessions, so much food for thought and our own development. For those of you unlucky enough to miss Mojce Belak’s excellent workshop on improvisation this year, the activities are below. As always, we’d love to hear any feedback from you. Do you use improvisation in your classroom? Any activities to add?

What are they saying?

Students are shown a short video clip with the sound turned off and create dialogues in pairs that would suit the situation. They act it out. In the end the clip is shown with the sound on. BBC’s Walk on the wild side.

The question game

In pairs. The group decides the setting (restaurant, barn, bus, anywhere). The dialogue has to be in questions only:

A: “When are you going to milk the cows?”

B: “What cows?”

A: “Can’t you see them?”

B: “Are you telling me I’m blind?”

A: “When was the last time you had your eyesight checked?”

Questions such as “Oh, really?” and “Yeah?” don’t count.

When the pair gets too much entangled in the dialogue, they stop and are replaced by another pair.

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