Besig Summer Symposium – Satellite Event in Buenos Aires: The Future of Business English in Latin America

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On June 14, together with Mercedes Viola from Uruguay and Jennifer Verschoor from Argentina, we organized a Satellite Event and invited teachers from Argentina and Uruguay to participate in simultaneous talks in the BESIG Summer Symposium held in Bonn, Germany. Teachers from Peru, Moscow and China were also connected in the same event. An enthusiastic bunch of teachers gathered in Buenos Aires and we spent a fab morning discussing hot topics in Business English.

Foto 1We listened to a talk about Mentoring and how important it is for teachers to have a mentor, somebody that can give us cues to build and sustain our career. This mentor need not be a teacher: he or she may come from other disciplines and hence enrich our own professional view. The use of published material and how to adapt them to our students’ needs was another topic of interest.

In the second part of the event, we talked about three main trends going on in Business English and how we can apply them in Latin America. Jennifer Verschoor delighted us with a talk about using Tech tools in the classroom and Mercedes Viola shared with the audience her experience in tailoring material for her corporate courses in Uruguay and how tech tools can leverage their work. FInally, I talked about the importante of including soft skills practice in Business English classes. Soft skills, such as building rapport, active listening and persuasion can be embedded in your existing syllabus.

Finally, we held an intersting discussion and made a book raffle. Thank you to Mercedes, Jennifer and all the teaches who attended the Satellite Event and made it a success!


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